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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fogs in August

Well, we are three days into August and there has been fog every morning. Now some of you might think that a bit strange to be counting the fogs in August but according to the old timers the number of fogs in August predict the number of snows during the coming winter.

I remember when I was growing up it was one of the things my Dad set great store in. He had his "special jar". Usually it was a Nescafe coffee jar and beside it he had a handful of dry beans. Every time there was a fog he would put a bean in the jar. At the end of August he would put the lid on it until the first big snow. Every time it snowed he would remove a bean from the jar. At the end of winter when there were no more beans in the jar he would declare winter officially over. It was amazing to see how right he was. More often than not he was "right on". This year I have my jar and my beans and we will see if I am "right on". I will keep you posted.

Today's photo is one of a herd of cows I have been watching all summer. The owner keeps moving them from pasture to pasture and I keep trying to get them all to stand still for a group photo. (For a larger photo double click on photo).

That's it for today.


Chuck-Kathy said...

Hey Jen, Can't wait to se you! Glad that you will be there, and we can give your hubby a big welcome to the life of homeless wanderers.
See you soon,
Roadkill aka Kathy

Pidge said...

Beautiful picture of the cows and the land around it is pretty too.

Freely Living Life said...

The jar of beans is a really cute idea! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to hearing how it turns out. =)