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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Company's Here!

Well, Darrell says, "It was way back in the year of Ought Six" and Jenny says, "It was umpteen million years ago" when we first met.

Actually, it was more than three years ago when we both stumbled into the RV Dreams Chatroom and made our acquaintance--virtually that is. The fact is we had never laid eyes on each other until today and what a wonderful meeting it was.

When we found out Darrell and Judy were making a special trip to our neck of the woods just to meet us I was so excited. I have to admit Don was a little skeptical at first, "You mean you have talked to them for over three years and you've never met them? "Yes", I said, "that's true but I do know them. I can tell you the names of their kids, where they live, when the latest grandchild was born and I can also tell you about the Katts, Alex and Katie, and where they have been and where they are going. Heck, I can even tell you how Darrell even got his given name of PA". PA says it is his given name because Jenny J "gived" it to him.

After emails and facebook messages we set the date and Ms Judy offered to cook dinner. We arrived at Lakeview RV Park in Bluff City, TN, their home for three days and it was like old home week greeting friends you hadn't seen in awhile.

After visiting for awhile and "catching up" on all the news, PA and Ms Judy prepared a wonderful dinner followed by a scrumptious chocolate pie and coffee. I was "full as a tick".

More conversation ensued, RVer's we had met, places we had been, and even talk about another "get together" -- maybe next time in our hometown of Mountain City. Too soon it was time to leave and so we said our "see ya's" till next time we meet face to face.

Until then, there's is always the chatroom, emails and facebook -- With good friends like Darrell and Judy you always want to stay in contact.

That's it for today.

Note From Don: First impressions are usually lasting ones. If all RV'ers are as nice and friendly as Darrell and Judy I look forward to joining the RV community and meeting a lot of new friends. --DM


Leno said...

What a nice meeting you had Jenny. I remember you speaking of "Pa" long ago. He hasn't been into the chat room since I've been around. I follow his blog though. I am so looking forward to the Escapade.
Arlene (leno)

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

To Don.
We will all be happy to meet you too. We welcome you into the RV-Dreams family.
Yes, Jenny is a very special member of RV-Dreams, even though many of us have never met her, we all love her.

Most RVers are special and wonderful people, and I hope you get to meet a lot of them when traveling with your trailer, or even when you're not, like when you met Darrell and Judy.

Don't be surprised if you get hugged, that's the SKP way!!

Happy Trails, Penny, TX