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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cabin Fever

Well, the thermometer on South Church Street read three degrees this morning. This snow, ice and cold can really get to you. You can get cabin fever in a hurry.

Cabin fever is what you get from spending too much time indoors. You get a feeling of being isolated and away from the world. In the winter when there are shorter days and not much sunlight and the temperatures are like they have been for the last few days it is the perfect ingredients for a case of chronic cabin fever. Lack of exercise also contriutes to the mix. It is just too cold to get outside much.

There are lots of things you can do to keep your mind occupied so you don't get cabin fever.
There's reading. When I was a kid I would curl up in an old overstuffed chair behind the "Old Buckeye' with my favorite book or the Sears catalog and read or look at the pictures.
Now I use the internet for a lot of my reading. Since most of my RV friends are in warm places this time of year I can travel right along with them through words and photos. Ellie and Jim are in sunny California, Ed and Marilyn are in South Texas along with Ginger and Jesse, Linda and Howard, and JoAnn and Doug are in "not so sunny" Florida. (It has been cold there). It helps to see the warmer places and know what they are doing --- until I step out the door.

You can also sleep a lot - bears hibernate - so why can't people.

You can take up a hobby - I thought about stamp collecting but it is pretty difficult to remove a stamp from an email which is how I get most of my mail.

You can also just go outside for a walk. Just the change of different scenery from four walls is good. In this kind of weather my walk is pretty short though. No three mile walks in the park until the temperature moderates a bit.

You can also keep in touch with your friends. Just pick up the phone and call them. They may be glad to hear from you. I will be waiting for my phone to ring!!!!!

Another way to get rid of cabin fever is to make a great big pot of Potato Soup!! A few potatoes, a little bacon, some onion, celery, a few carrots and some milk and you have the ingredients for one of winter's best comfort foods.

Ohhh! that sounds so good --- I am headin' for the kitchen right now.

That's it for today.


KarenInTheWoods said...

Ohhh YUM on the potato soup! I made a big pot last week and froze smaller containers to nibble on when I want some more. LOVED that pic of the cabin in the snow. Where did you take that?

Yarntangler said...

I hate to tell you this jenny but it's really not cold enough for Potato Soup here in Tucson. However, the idea is so good I'm going to make some this week anyway.

Is the mill house yours? It's so beautiful.