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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Oh Boy! Oh Boy!! Oh Boy!!!

Well, Today I was eagerly awaiting an anticipated phone call from my friends. Jim and Ellie and Dortha and Mark. I met these good friends at the RV Dreams Rally in Branson, MO last summer. This year they are traveling together and sightseeing through the Pacific Northwest. They decided to make Coeur d'Alene, ID their home for four days. I was so excited to see them.

Jim and Ellie at the RV Dreams Rally last year.

Dortha and Mark at RV Dreams Rally

Dortha called and we drove over. It didn't take me long to find them. I spotted their Phaetons from the main road!! After long awaited hugs we visited in Ellie and Jim's home and were entertained by their fur children, Jasmine and Bo Jangles. Then we visited Mark and Dortha's 2009 Phaeton. I had followed their journal as they were building this from the ground up. It was awesome to see it in person. They both have beautiful homes and are having a great time traveling together.

I brought my camera along but forgot my "film". Left my SD card in my computer back in Spokane so these are borrowed photos. Check out the size of those raindrops in the photos. It poured in Coeur d' Alene but Spokane was "dry as a bone".

Ellie and Bo Jangles.

Jasmine and Ellie pose for the camera!

Mark and Jazz having a little "one on one" time.

Next it was off to Azteca for dinner. Service was a little slow but the food was excellent and the only one that brought home a box was "yours truly". No photos of food - camera left in the car.

More hugs and it was back to Spokane with plans for a lake trip tomorrow which of course includes dinner and a trip to the CASINO.

Hopefully all those raindrops will be gone and MY Lake will look like this.

That's it For Today!!


Mark and Dortha said...

We too are so glad that we are getting to spend a couple of days with you!

Looking forward to that trip around the lake with the sun shining!

Speedy said...

I have not commented on your journal in some time...even though I read it faithfully. I know it was nice to have Dreamers come by. We enjoy when we get to see different ones.