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Monday, March 16, 2009

Mish Mash

Well, just in case you have noticed Ihaven't posted for awhile. I could blame it on a lot of things , however, for today I will just call it a brain freeze. So starting today i will try to thaw out that portion of this old brain and get it working again.

Life around Spokane is kinda dull. Even the weather news is dull. Its the same old thing. Temperatures go up and down. One day we had 2 above and the next we have 3 below and then we got 4 inches of snow. One day its sunny. The next day we are in a pea soup fog. Darn weatherman cannot make up his mind.

I heard from my baby sister. She had just returned from another trip. This time she went to the Ohio Amish Country. She loves to take the guided air conditioned tour buses and has traveled thousands of miles this way. She meets new and interesting people and loves it. Me, I prefer to go where I want to go and stop when I want to. That's why my motorhome will fit my needs. I don't mind riding one of those big grey dogs (Greyhound) once in awhile. June says there is a difference between the Pennsylvania Amish and the Ohio Amish Country. She says she prefers the Pennsylvania Amish.

I have a couple more little chicken stories for you today.

Here’s a cute story about my sister and me. My grandmother had some pullets (young chickens) she had raised from baby chicks. They were getting to be about fryer size. The garden was just coming up and the chickens had been getting in her garden. She told me and my sister “I’m gonna kill those old chickens if they get in my garden. Don’t you young’uns let them in there”. Well, my sister and I were playing house in the barnyard when we looked up and saw one of the pullets in the garden. So we chased it in the chicken house and beat it to death with a tobacco stick. We went to our grandma and said “We killed that chicken that was getting in your garden”. Of course, she had to go get it. Needless to say she cleaned it and cooked it and we had fried chicken for dinner that night.

Another “chicken” story was told to me by a friend of mine. It seems she and her cousin were at their grandmom’s and they were swinging in the porch swing eating some cookies. The crumbs dropped on the floor and one of the chickens jumped on the porch to get the crumbs. As they were swinging she kicked that old chicken with her shoe and killed it “graveyard dead”. They had chicken and dumplings that night but neither she nor her cousin could eat a bite of that old chicken.

That's it for today

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Speedy said...

Went to the office and they said I could go home for the week...LOL so I did and did not get on chat. Oh well I will try tonight.