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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snow To Rain

Well, the weatherman was right on -- he predicted 24 hours of rain and it happened. We had high winds and rain - buckets of it. The good thing about that is it melted the snow. Now everyone knows that when you mix rain and snow it melts the snow and produces more water and lots of water without anywhere else to go gets deeper and deeper and then it causes flooding. That is where we are now. Now the temperatures are supposed to drop and that freezes the puddles and makes ice and then GUESS WHAT??? We are to get more snow. this on again off again weather can only last for so long. No more weather talk I am depressed!

A day or two ago my friends Speedy and Sherri from Texas mentioned a trip to the Pacific Northwest next summer and wanted me to give them pointers on what they should see and not see. Well, Speedy here is the scoop -- In my opinion the whole Pacific Northwest is worth seeing from the blue lakes and the high mountains to the deserts and the lush green forests and the Pacific Ocean --you will love it all!!

And just so you know your Washington Travel Agent is hard at work for you here is photo seven of three hundred sixty five.

(click on photo to enlarge)

And as my Father would say "That's it For Today". (He loved the Pacific Northwest too)

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Anonymous said...

Are you okay? We saw on the news tonight that there is a lot of flooding in central Washington.
I enjoy so much reading your blog. Even though you grew up in the hills of Tennessee, and I grew up on a cotton farm in West Texas, I can relate to a lot of the stories you tell. I have been faithfully following your blog since you first began. I learned about it from Howard and Linda's blog.
Melva in New Jersey