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Monday, January 12, 2009

Day Late --Dollar Short

Well, this is Sunday's post and I am really messed up. I am always a day late with my posts but I always write it on the day...well somewhere yesterday I forgot to write a you will have to pretend this is Sunday's post. Today I am a day late and a dollar short.

Well there is a challenge going around in the RV blogs and everyone wants to see your refrigerator and your pantry. I have been checking those out and I see the lid on the mustard bottle in Deb's is open.(Keeping up with the Kendall's blog). You might want to check that Deb.

Well I went out to the Out House to take a picture of the refrigerator. Amazing the things you find in an Out House refrigerator. I have no idea where that little bag of Idaho Spud bites came from....I am saving them for you June (my sister).
Note: nothing in the freezer.

And here is a picture of the pantry. Just some plastic cups and a couple baskets and forks (note to self: have enough forks) and the wooden thing - I just knew you were going to ask about it - so I will get the jump on it.

It is a paper plate holder unfortunately I used all the paper plates. I commissioned it made in Tennessee. The gentleman that made it told me it was made from wood that came from a house that was over 100 years old. His wife hand painted the grapes on the front. So it is kinda special .
Even though I didn't have any paper plates I do set a nice table.

I have shown you my referigerator and pantry - it is time to show me yours. Keep the challenge going.

So this is photo ten of three hundred sixty five. As always if you want the larger picture just click on it.

And in the words of my father "That's it for Today".


Joe and Sherri said... need to stock up girl so if an emergency leave comes up you are ready to vacate the backyard post haste! Had fun last night!!! I overslept this morning do to the wild party that we had!!


Debbie and Rod said...

Now that is one empty outhouse! Hope to see some MD in there soon.......

Debbie & Rod

Lilli & Nevada said...

Well you have a nice clean fridge. found on the rv site just thought i would drop in and say howdy.