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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Grab a Shovel - Get Over It!!

Well, with record shattering snowfall and cold temperatures I am still hunkered over the fire. With a low this morning of minus 8 degrees at a predicted high of 14 it will be a good day to stay in the house but I can warn you this cabin fever is getting to me. Why oh why didn't I go south with the Snowbirds?

In all the years since I have lived in Northern Idaho/Spokane this is the worst winter I have ever experienced. With Friday's snowfall the total for the season stood at 69.2 inches. That's way over my head.

At least we are getting national attention. We've made the rounds of USA Today, The News Channels, The Weather Channels, The Late Night Talk Shows including a story about a woman on snowshoes who spent six hours to help rescue a female moose who crashed through the ice on Priest Lake in Northern Idaho. After getting it to shore and warming it up with propane heaters and an electric blanket the moose got up on its own and ambled off toward the woods.

Many businesses have also taken a hit this season. Because of the heavy snowfall many roofs have caved in closing some businesses. Auto dealers are not seeing much activity and are keeping their salesman busy shoveling. RV and boat dealers are at a standstill.

Other businesses are seeing an increase in their sales. Snow shovels are in great demand - if you can find one. Out of eight stores I called the other day none had snow shovels. One store did say they were due to get a shipment from Seattle at noon--only problem with that was between here and there is Snoqualmie Pass and it was closed for avalanche control. So guess where the snow shovels were??

A lousy winter makes for lousy pictures. Here are some lousy ones.

And the snowplow plowed me in again!!! Better Get a Shovel and Get Over It!!!!!!!!

Photo Three of Three Hundred Sixty Five

Snow Berries

And in the words of my father, "That's It For Today!"


Joe and Sherri said...

Jenny those are great pictures. Gosh I can not imagine that much snow! I agree you should have come south like I told you to.


Sassy said...

I too loved the pictures, but I guess it is harder to experience all that s--w first hand. What am I saying I know it is. I wish you warmth, but please don't send any of that white stuff to Ohio! See ya in chat!

Jim and Dee said...

Now that's a LOT of snow. Reminds me of my childhood days in Indiana. We had to tunnel our way out, if we wanted outside. It's 60 degrees today, come on over.

JB said...

Well I see some blue sky in that last picture. The weather might change, Good luck.