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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Opry Saturday Night

Well, It's a great night at the Opry. I am so excited. I have a front row seat for the show. Some of my favorite performers are there. Bill Anderson, Jim Ed Brown, Mel Tillis, Mel McDaniel, Mike Snider, Connie Smith, The Whites, and Marty Stuart.

I am a big fan of the Opry and have been there several times. Recently I found out that on my computer I can tune in to WSM Radio in Nashville and get two hours of Opry live on Friday and Saturday nights. So with the volume up and my headphones on I am tuned in to the Opry.

Listening to the Opry brings back many memories of growing up in East Tennessee. My dad was a great fan of country music and he loved to listen to the radio.

Now the radio we had was not a new radio by any means. It was a big brown wooden box looking thing with a lot of tubes in the back. I don't remember exactly where he got it but if memory serves me correctly it was one someone was going to get rid of and he gave a dollar for it and a shoebox full of tubes. The tubes in the back were always going out and sometimes in order to get a station you would have to move the tubes around or find a tube that wasn't burned out.

Radio stations in the 50's weren't as sophisticated as they are today. We couldn't pick up very many of them but we found out that by using a bent coat hanger for an antenna and laying the radio on its side and sticking a case knife in the back between the tubes we would be able to reach more stations. We could get the Renfro Valley Barn Dance in Kentucky and the Louisana Hayride out of Shreveport, Louisana and we could get WSM Grand Ole Opry on Friday and Saturday nights. I spent many happy hours listening to the Opry on that old radio.

Tonight, with a newfangled invention called a computer (no knife needed) and access to the World Wide Web I am once again connected to the music of my roots.

A few days ago there was a challenge on some of the blogs to showcase your refrigerator and pantry. Deb of Keeping Up With The Kendalls challenged me. Here are the two referigerators.

I told her the lid on her mustard bottle was left open. She checked it and sent this message.This is a picture for Jenny who accused me of leaving the mustard lid open. These are all the mustards in my refrigerator and you can plainly see the lids are all closed. Whew, that's a load off my mind.....

Here's her photo"

Now Deb is a "city girl" but says she loves to hear all my stories about the "olden days". So Deb here is another little childhood poem I have recited through the years--this is for you.

I made you look,
You dirty crook
You stole your mother's pocketbook.
You turned it in
You turned it out
You turned it into Sour kraut.

Now with that, "That's it For Today".


Debbie and Rod said...

Oh my gosh Jenny, you are just TOOOOOO funny!!


Sandra said...

How on earth did you ever come up with that fix for the radio to get more stations?

Cute poem. My Dad was full of those little poems and sayings. LOL