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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pineapple Express

Well, It's all about the weather today.

According to the keeper of snow records the 7.5 inches we got yesterday and the 1-2 inches last night inches added to the total of 69.5 inches from last Friday.....well , you do the math..... we are getting pretty darn close to 100 inches. Coeur d'Alene in Northern Idaho twenty miles away has already hit the 100 mark. And there is more weather in store......

The weatherman is predicting temperatures in the high 30's to 40's and mixed rain and snow including one to two inches of rain on top of all this snow. I believe I smell a flood coming on. They're calling it a "Pineapple Express".

Now "Pineapple Express" is a new term for me, so of course I had to google it. It's a term for a weather system that begins in the Hawaiian tropics and brings warm winds and increasing rainfall. 1-2 inches of rain is predicted in the next couple days. That will increase snow levels and a rapid runoff in local streams and rivers. A flood watch has already been issued.

Not only are the floods an issue there are still problems with roofs caving in. Over 50 roofs of businesses have caved ini since we got the first snow storm. People that are willing to shovel roofs are in great demand.

I know that the poor weatherman has got to be tired of talking about the weather. I am also sure that the snow removal crews have got to be getting tired of removing all this snow from city streets. I also know I am tired of being plowed in.

Someone mentioned I forgot my photo of the day yesterday. I guess I was so busy reminiscing about Berthels I forgot.

Here is photo four of three hundred sixty five.

And today's photo five of three hundred sixty five.

That's it for today.
P.S. I need to add a post script to this blog....I understand Speedy is having a birthday--- I may be late for your last one but I am early for your next one!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Speedy!!


Gordon & Juanita said...

Jenny J,

Not rubbing it in here or anything like that, but we are enjoying a beautiful morning here in the skies and temperature expected to be about 80.

I have already encountered Ed on his morning walk, and of course he has a big smile on his face. Is it ever otherwise??

I enjoy your blog and the photo of the day.

Be well our cyber friend,

Gordon and Juanita

Joe and Sherri said...

Thanks JJ your the best! I hope to hear from you on the plans for our Washington State swing through. Just let us know what we will be doing and we will let you know when we will be there.

Joe and Sherri