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Friday, January 9, 2009


Well, You've done it!!

I am so excited!!!

You make me so proud!!!

Now you may wonder why I am so excited, yesterday I topped 25,000 readers who have visited my site. That makes me very proud.

I have gone back and read every post I have written, some were good, some not so good and others well I gotta say they weren't worth the paper they were written on ---Oh! I forgot -- they weren't written on paper-- I should have hit the delete button instead. And the typos -- I don't proofread so what you see is what you get...The amazing thing is you have hung in there with me and I thank you for that.

And the comments. I love to get your comments.... I just got one from Melva in New Jersey who was concerned about my safety and one from a new reader who had just found my blog. I welcome your comments. You can also email me. I am replacing the @ sign with the word at so as to deter the spammers. Here is the address kimilauri at msn dot com. I love mail, packages and money. Feel free to send either.

Now on to the weather, yesterday was a gorgeous day. We are drying out but we are not out of the woods yet. The governor says out of all the roads in Washington that were closed 68 are now open and 69 are still closed. Interstate 5 the north - south freeway by Seattle opened yesterday and Snoqualmie Pass also opened. So things are moving in the right direction. Now if we don't get another big storm.

Here is a portion of my blog after I reached 10,000 readers and the same goes today.

I have learned a lot of things since I started this blog. It has also opened my eyes up to a few others.

If I miss a couple days it is harder to catch up.

It's not always easy to write.Sometimes there isn't anything interesting to write about.

You never know who is going to read your writing.

Last but not least, I love your comments. They are what keep me going. I love to get comments be they good or bad. Again, A special Thank You to all of you, my dear readers, for giving me the incentive to keep this blog going.

Photo eight of three hundred sixty five is for those who have questioned me about the Out House. It won't take much shoveling to get it out now. LOL
And, in the words of my Father, "That's it For Today!".


Leno said...

Jenny, congrats on all the readers. I'm not surprised at all. It is very enjjoyable. I look forward to reading it everyday.
It is hard to believe all that snow is almost gone. I'm sure you'll be getting more unfortunately. Hope it will be in moderation.
Anyhoo, keep up the good work with your blog.

Joe and Sherri said...

JJ I could not get your pictures to load...but then nothing else has been working why should they!!! OK so everything is worth seeing so I should have no trouble mapping out a route. So far we are coming through Spokane and heading out to the West coast to see the ocean and visit some casinos out there. Before we get to your place we are going to Glacier Park. We will refine all these plans many times before we leave.

Joe and Sherri

macattack said...

Jenny,Your blogs are always great to read.Keep it up.The "Outhouse" looks great sitting there with almost all the snow gone.Hopefully it will stay that way so you can get it packed and out of there in about six weeks.


Jim and Dee said...

That's great on the blog! Great picture of the MH, hope you get it out before next winters blowing snow. Keep up the good work on the blogs!

JoyceTravels said...

Congratulations!!! I've updated my blog (Finally). Talk to you soon!! Joyce