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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oh No !! Shrinking Snow!!!

Well, As the title says the snow is shrinking. I can actually see green patches in my yard. The twenty four hours of rain and warm weather has certainly helped.
Most of the streets here in Spokane are dry and driving is not as hazardous as it was last week. The drivers are still as bad though, I watched a guy in front of me today cross three lanes of traffic, almost sideswipe a van just to turn the corner in front of everyone else. Of course there is never a policeman around to see the driver who needs a ticket.

Out in Spokane County and in Northern Idaho there is flooding a lot of it from chunks of ice breaking up and clogging up creeks and rivers.

Now on the west side of the state it is a completely different story. They recieved so much rain of top of their snow there is major flooding everywhere. I-5 the major north south freeway is closed in spots where there is water over the freeway. Some bridges are closed because of high water and winds. Snoqualmie Pass remains closed since Tuesday. This is causing great hardships for truckers who have goods to deliver and stores that need supplies.

On the other hand there has been story after story of neighbors helping neighbors. shoveling sidewalks or snow blowing driveways, shopping, getting mail, checking on the elderly, and even sharing meals. These good deeds should not go unnoticed. Acts of kindness such as these really warms your heart.

If you remember a few days ago I posted photos of my bird bath completely covered with snow and a mountain of snow where the snowplow had plowed me in. Photo eight of three hundred sixty five tells a different story.

And in the words of my Father, "That's it For Today".

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