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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Frosty Morn

Well, yesterday was a historic day. We have a new President. I spent the day watching the inauguration and all the festivities. As a matter of fact I was so intent on watching them I completely forgot to post!! Does that prove I can't multi-task? I wish our new President and his cabinet well -- I think they are going to need it.

It was a cold gray day here with a small trace of precipitation. The high temperature was 24 and the low was 18. We are still under an inversion and the same is predicted for the next few days. It did make for very pretty scenery as evidenced by the following photos.

The only other excitement was watching Buddy and Charlie watch a squirrel in a tree outside the window.

And, that's it for today.


Gypsy said...

I spent most of the day glued to the TV also - I think second to the inauguration speech was that dazzling performance by Aretha Franklin!

Glad you're back today as I always like to see a new post from JJ.


Joe and Sherri said...

I am waiting on the wealth to be spread around. The TV wont do that for me so I will wait for the news. LOL I wish the new pres all the luck in the world. It will be a shocker when he finds out that the lobiest run this country.If he can over come that he might prove to be a great president.Good to be back on line


Mike Goad said...

We were glued, too. Fortunately, I have a TV mounted just above my computer so I did get some online stuff done yesterday.

I watched a little bit today, including the signing in ceremony for the senior white house staff and the signing of executive orders.

We don't recall ever seeing that in previous administrations.

Mike Goad (at home in Arkansas)
Haw Creek Out 'n About