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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Casper Cable (Caspar Goebell)

Well, I am glad to be among the living, I am feeling almost back to normal. I will never be normal....but what you see is what you get.

A few days ago I received a phone call wanting to know the story about my fourth great grandfather. I figured if at least one person was interested you might be too. Here is the story of my fourth Great Grandfather Casper Cable (Caspar Goebell).

Casper Cable (Caspar Goebell) was my fourth great grandfather. He was born in Hanover Germany around 1755. For financial reasons his father had arranged a marriage for him to a lady that that was much older than he and her face was scarred from smallpox Deciding this marriage would not be for him as it got closer to the wedding date he ran away and joined the German Army. He was sent to the Province of Hessen Castle.

At that time Hessian troops were being hired by England to fight against the American Colonies in the Revolutionary War. Casper was one of 22,000 troops sent to fight in the war. He served under direction of Colonel Rall and after 5 weeks on a ship crossing the Atlantic they ended up in Trenton New Jersey.

On December 26, 1776 they were attacked by the American Continental Army Led by General George Washington. Most of the Hessian Soldiers were either captured or killed. Casper was taken prisoner and he figured the only way out was to fight for the colonies.

While fighting for the colonies under General Nathaniel Greene he was sent to the home of a Tory, Daniel Baker, to forage for food for the Army. He and his regiment had taken the contents of a smokehouse and were leaving when he saw a young girl with a baby. After finding out the baby was not hers he took back some of the meat. This lady later became his wife and they had twelve children.

At the Battle of Cowpens he was again captured by the British. He defected and went to Dry Run, Tennessee and that is where the family farm is today. His wife's family, except for her father, Daniel Baker (British Sympathizer), moved with them to Tennessee. Family tradition states that twice a year they went back to South Carolina to see him and took him supplies.

A lot of the descendants of Caper Cable moved to Cades Cove at the entrance of Great Smokey Mountain National Park. There are a number of historic buildings there that belonged to the Cables.

The cemetery where Casper and Elizabeth Cable are buried is located in a meadow near their home in Dry Run, Johnson County, TN. The plot was later farmed over and all the gravestones have disappeared except for the one of their son, Casper Jr. which has been relocated.

And that's it for Today.


Leno said...

Wow, another great story. How did you hear all this great stuff...

Jenny Johnson said...

Leno I don't hear all this stuff --I dig it up. (Diggin' Up Bones)--Actually just lots and lots of research and a quest to know my ancestors - all of them.

Karen said...

That was a very interesting story. I'm glad you wrote about it.

Had just About Enough said...

Casper Cable is my 5 th great grandfather - I come from Conrad - did I meet you at the Cable reunion ?- I live in Texas and that is how I got here to your blog - I have been doinf a lot of research on Casper as of late -

penter said...

I am not sure who the kin is to Casper Cable, I just found this blog .
I am a descendant of Casper Cable(not directly).
My Great Grandfather was Ova Cable, his parents were Eldridge & Celia Cable he is from Campton (Wolfe County)Kentucky.
I enjoy finding all the Casper Cable info on the internet.
I enjoyed reading your story too.

Anonymous said...

I am also a descendant I live near Atlanta. Here are some links I found.

Anonymous said...

My name is Courtney Cable. I am 22 years old, just getting into the Geneology and Cable History. I know the Cades Cove Cables are my family and John Cable was my 4th? or 5th Great Grandfather. I would love to hear from other Cable's or hear stories that anyone may have about Casper or any other family memeber. my email is

scott greene said...

Hello--Very interesting site! I am Scott Greene, over in Boone NC. Casper Cable was my great-grandfather--(7 generations back)--I was born in 1959 and my great-grandmother was Vilola Mae Cable, she was a sister to Becky Cable, and Edna (edna married, so not sure of her last name). Please email me sometime---

Hannah said...

This must make us relatives, as I am descended from Cable as well
My family has visited the Cable Place in the Cove a few times before and after discovering this ancestry

Diane said...

I just went to my 1st Cable reunion at Cranberry NC, Yesterday 08/13/2011. I am a decendent of Casper Cable. He was my great great great grandfather. Daniel was my great great grandfather, Noah was my great grandfather, and Gurney was my grandfather. I find all this history interesting.

Nancy said...

I was thrilled to find your story about Casper Cable. He is my 6th great grandfather.

My line:

6th Casper Cable

Jacob Cable

Elizabeth Cable and John W. Sartin

Alfred Flemming Sartin/Jane Arterburn

Pat said...

He is my 4th great grandfather too :)