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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away!!

Well, I feel a little like Noah and the Ark it has been raining for so long and more is predicted before it stops. And then the winds are to come and then the snow level is rising. Here is what the weatherman has to say.

"Showers will arrive from the west this morning and will be on and off through tomorrow. Snow levels initially start out around 3500' but will rise throughout the day. Expect breezy conditions today with stronger winds tomorrow. We'll start to dry out later this week."

I guess the rain is better than snow. I hear Colorado has four inches and South Dakota has a foot or more. Passes in Washington are bare and wet so far.

It is a good day to stay inside. I may get out my jewelry making supplies or again I may not. On the other hand a good book, a blanket and a nap is also a possibility. Of course if a surge of ambition strikes I may do some cooking. Some comfort food like a pot of beans would be a good thing to cook up. I will let you know tomorrow.

As always, I pause to remember all those veterans who have fought in previous wars and also those who fight today at home and abroad to keep our country free and safe. My father was a Veteran from World War II. We never knew much about his service time, he just didn't talk about it. However, he was a very patriotic man. He loved his country. One thing I do remember was his love for elections and the people who govern our county. He was a staunch Republican and always voted a straight ticket. He would sit my mother down and explain to her who she had to vote for . It was the one thing they always agreed on. Most times they were in disagreement about something.

May each
of you have a safe Veterans Day. God bless each of you and your families, God bless our Army, and God bless the United States of America.

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