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Friday, November 7, 2008

Raindrops Fallin' On My Head

Well, I awoke this morning to rain - not those little bitty raindrops that make music on your roof but buckets full. It was coming down in sheets and not only that but it was dark which made it a little bit on the scary side. As of this writing it is still raining very hard and the forecast is for rain the next five days. It will be a good time to check the Out House for roof leaks although I don't think I have any. I may need a row boat to get to it. There will be no camping out in the yard this weekend.

Rather than dwell on each individual raindrop here are some pictures of a sunnier day.

Farmer Brown
An Elvis Sighting

Vincent Van Gogh

Old Butler

A Real Scarecrow

Mr Smith and Mr Cockett Attorneys At Law

Courthouse Beauty

This guy played banjo for hours non-stop

Punkin Topiary

A Couple "Old" scarecrows on Main

and the Sheriff and the Undertaker (photographer needs classes in photo 101)

and the Funeral Home in case you need to find me!!!

That's It For Today!!!!!!

1 comment:

Doncat said...

Hi JJ,
I know how you feel with the rain and all. Cheryl and I are camping at Rocky Point on Lake Wright Patman in Texas adn it is raining here too. They are calling for rain all week. We are still enjoying it though.

Don and Cheryl