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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Weather Words

Well, today has been a slow kicked back day sitting by the fire with a good book. The weatherman has almost exhausted words that describe the partly cloudy weather here this week. Here are a few of them.

Cloudy, rainy, snow showers, foggy, blustery, drizzle, winter storm, snowfall, wind, breezy, damp, rainfall, snowflakes, stormy, thunder, wet, chilly, freezing, air pressure, frost, dreary, black ice, barometric pressure, slick, flurries, conditions, air in version, windstorm, wintry, moisture, precipitation, jet streams, drab, misty, icy, grey skies and on and on and on.

It sounds like we are in for more of the same this week. I guess I will grab my hat, don my raincoat and my waterproof boots, add my gloves and my scarf, get my umbrella and slosh through the puddles while the rain and snow beats against my face. On second thought, sitting in front of my computer looking at sunny photos with the heater on my feet sounds like a better idea.

One of these days I will be sitting on the beach somewhere sipping a cold drink and basking in the sun.

Keep on dreaming, Jenny. You will get out of the yard someday.

That's it For Today.

1 comment:

Joe and Sherri said...

Cold and wet not my kind of climate. I hope that after this year I do not have to worry about bad in too hot or too cold. How about you will that be your goal???

Joe and Sherri