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Friday, November 14, 2008

No Couch Potato Today

Well, there is not much to report here except I did see the sun. It actually appeared for just a few minutes. Then it turned dark and there were clouds and some wind. I did manage to get up from the couch to "waddle" around.

Off the couch, I decided an Apple Crisp might as well be the dessert of the day. Every good meal should start with dessert. Along with the Apple crisp I made some Shake and Bake chicken legs and some potato skins. It was very good, so good as a matter of fact I forgot to take a picture.

I also retrieved my jewelry making suppllies from the Out House where I had stashed them. I had some crimp beads and Sandra has been making some beautiful necklaces using crimp beads and I wanted to make one too. It was very nice but it is evident I need some more help with the crimp beads. The grand girls can use it for their dress up. No pictures of it either.

The other major thing I did was to move the Out House closer to the Big House. I didn't want the Out House sitting between the two trees and I don't know when I will manage to get it out of the yard so I moved it beside the carport. At least it will keep the snow from blowing in under the carport. I did have help getting it moved. Thanks, Rich.

Surfing and reading blogs and chatting took up the rest of the day. I will have to find something else to get into tomorrow. Maybe I will sweep the floor.
That's it for Today.


Sandra said...

The joys of retirement!

Thanks for the honorable mention, Jenny. You need fishing wire to make the invisible necklaces. I got 15 or 16 lb test.

Rod Ivers said...

Thankyou for your nice comment about the sunset pictures. Reading the note assures me that someone is enjoying my terrible photography.

It made my day when I found the comment.


Doncat and Cheryl said...

Hi JJ, sounds like the life of liesure agrees with you.....