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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Ladies!!

Well, its that time again. Time to wish a very Happy Birthday birthday to my two favorite ladies. Yes, my grand girls, Lauralei and Kimberlei turn 13 today. We have teenagers in the house. It is amazing how they grow up in just a few short years. These photos will prove it.
Grandpa and the girls age 3 days.
Proud Grandma and Grandpa
Look Alikes
Camping with Grandma at Beauty Bay

Check out the size of this play pen. Boondocking at Carlin Creek in Idaho.

Grandma's Little Girls
Fishing with Uncle John at Mirror Lake near Sagle, Idaho (note Kimberlei's 2 broken arms)

Sprinkler Fun
UT Volunteer Cheerleaders meet Santa Claus
Backpacking at Lunch Peak Lookout Tower in Northern Idaho
With Our Special Friend Tommy Costello
Vacationing at Oregon coast with Grandma
Grandma's Favorite Flower - A Dandelion
We sing Karoke
The Blues Sisters
Popcorn Anyone??
We are Junior Rangers at Heyburn State Park
Summertime is Fun!!
"Twixt Twelve and Thirteen"

Thanks for the best thirteen years of my life , Ladies!!
That's it for today.

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Debbie and Rod said...

GREAT pictures of the grandgirls Jenny. You're lucky you get to spend so much time with them.