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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weather Lore

Weather lore passed from generation to generation has a lot of charm. Some predictions may sound a bit strange but it is surprising how many are. true.

When I was a kid we used these old predictions to predict the weather . We also relied on The Old Farmer's Almanac. There was a great deal of information in that one little thin book. I believe at the time it was either 15 or 25 cents but it was well worth it.

Here's a little weather lore.

Hornets are also said to be good predictors of the quality of a coming winter. If they build their nest high, the winter is supposed to be a difficult one. Low hornets nests are supposed to indicate a mild winter.

The woolly worm tell of a bad winter if there are a lot of them crawling about or if he has a heavy see him crawling before the first frost. If he's brown at both ends and orange in the middle, the winter will be mild. If he is black in the front, the bad weather is coming.

My father used to predict snowstorms in winter by putting beans in a jar. For every time there was a fog in August he would add a bean to the jar. At the end of August he would count the beans and that would be how many snows we would have during the winter. As we got each storm he would remove a bean from the jar. I always thought it kinda silly but most years he was correct.

According to old timers, you can tell what the winter will be like by cutting a persimmon seed open.
If the shape inside the seed is that of a knife, it is believed to mean the winter will be cutting cold. As my grandma would say: So cold the wind feels like its cutting right through you like a knife.
When the shape inside the seed looks like a spoon it is said to mean it will be a heavy winter. The spoon represents lots of shoveling.
The appearance of a fork shape within the seed is believed to mean that winter will be easy with only a light dusty of snow.

I hope all my persimmons have the shape of a fork.

That's it for today!


Jim and Dee said...

I've only heard of one of those. Thanks for posting, very interesting.

Joe and Sherri said...

Hey Jenny...are you coming south before the real cold weather gets there?? I have to stick it out one more winter in Dallas and then I can migrate with all the others. Hope to migrate with you next year.

Joe and Sherri