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Monday, December 29, 2008

Reflections Part Two

Well, I am still reflecting on my blessings in the last year. May found the events of spring, Uncle Larry's birthday, trips to Idaho and Grand Coulee, WA, my twin sister's birthday, friend Corky's birthday among my favorite photos. As always if your eyes bother you click photos and they will enlarge.

The month of June found me packing for the time of my life, a trip to Branson with RV Dreams. Bob and Molly, who picked me up at the Greyhound station, Howard and Linda, Anita and Sterling, Rollie and Gina, Kit and Jerry, Ed and Marilyn, Tim, Dortha and Becky, my cabin, nightime in the chat room, Ellie and Karon, and the Geeks, Jim and Chris were among some of my favorite photos.

The death of my brother, John, prompted me to leaave the Rally early and head to Tennessee for the funeral. Again photos of my family, friends at Hardee's downton Mountain City, Veteran's Wall, Doran's birthday, June's birthday, and my beloved kudzu were among my favorites.

July found me again with camera in hand. Photographs of the Grand Girls, my friends from Fellowship Tours, my cousin Margaret and friend Evelyn from Tennessee who were on the tour, fire in Spokane Valley, Dicks Birthday, reminiscing of earlier days, my Grand Cats, and my new ride were favorite subjects.

August brought a visit from more new friends Rod and Deb from Florida, Mark's Birthday, a shakedown cruise to the casino in Idaho, Oregon Coast memories, family cemetery photos, bear hunters, and a fond farewell to the elevenfootrv.

Please stay tuned for more reflections of 2008.
That's it for Today.

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Great Blog Jenny
And what great picture's you have posted... Keep up the great work and love to read your stuff.