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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy 42nd Birthday Vikki!!!!!

Well, I woke up to a whopping 1 Degree this morning and a total of 40 inches of snow on the ground and more is expected. Will it ever end??

I had lots of comments and emails about my "old timey stories. I was reminded I forgot to mention a couple of points about about my rabbit traps.

One was when you made the hold to put the notched stick in you did not want to drill the hole in the box too big. The reason is if you catch a possum it will gnaw at the hole and gnaw its way out.

The other point was we called them rabbit traps but we also referred to them as "rabbit gums". I mentioned that sometimes they were made from a hollow log. Most times these were blackgum trees. When my dad would find a hollow one he would cut it down to make a rabbit gum.

Today is a very special day for both myself and my daughter Vikki.

Vikki Mom Tawnee

It's her 42nd birthday and since I get to share it with her it is my 24th. She is twice my age....funny how that happens.

I remember how cute she looked in her little red christmas outfit when we brought her home on Christmas Day. They wheeled me out to the car. The nurse helped me into the car and handed me the baby. It wasn't until we were home and I went to hand her to her dad I realized I had been holding her upside down the whole way home. There are lots more stories like this in my memory bank but for fear of embarassment to both of us I will leave them there.

I have a special photo to post but dagnabbit I can't seem to get that darn scanner to work with the lap top. New fangled contraptions will wait.

In the meantime, Have a Great Birthday Vikki!!!

That's it For today, December 23, 2008.

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