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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Visits With Family

Well, after a breakfast of biscuits and gravy my sister and I set out on a trip to do some looking around at sights and see some relatives.

As you can see, I found an outhouse.....this outhouse is different from My Out House.

Last of Peanut's Garden
I remember this barn when I was a little girl. The owner had to big black mules he kept in there -he also had a couple cows.
This tree has been bearing apples since way before I was born. I have picked many apples from this tree.
This is known as Pop Swift's hill....we used to play all over this hill....lots of memories.

Goldenrod - my favorite fall flower.
My brother Dearl on his horse Priscilla.
The trunk of the old pound apple tree still bearing apples.
Pound apples
My Brother Doran and his Great Grandson Matt

Just a few photos from our little journey........and that's it for today.

Be sure also to go back and read my night at The Greyhound Hotel.

And one last thing Coleman Brown is celebrating his 64th Birthday today.


1 comment:

RVing Basket Lady and Her Pals said...

Just trying to catch up on everyone!!!!

Congratulations on your retirement and hope you had a Happy Birthday!

Because of my mother's illness, we are not getting to start out as soon as we thought. Hopefully, we will head to TN in a couple of weeks; but, I think we will miss you. Maybe next time since you are retired's great! Hope you enjoy it as much as I have!