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Saturday, September 13, 2008

To Blog Or Not To Blog

Well, That is the question?

It has been some time since I blogged, mainly because I have been asking myself if I should keep on blogging when I don't really have anything to blog about.

I am not a full timer yet so I don't have interesting campgrounds I visit or photos of beautiful places.

I don't have RV friends who come to camp with me or whom I go to camp with for a few days.

I don't go to fancy eating places I can write about.

I only travel to work, home or to the back yard to spend the weekend in the RV.

No one likes incessant talk about Grandkids.

I don't use big long, showy words. Nor do I use long descriptive phrases to describe "the bee on the flower".

I don't like to keep up with the Joneses or their blogs. (No offense Dave - not talking about you - I love your blog)

Sometimes I struggle with the writing - I can't just sit down and type whatever comes into my head because sometimes there is nothing there.

And posting photos is a pain - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Hopefully this muddy water will clear up soon and I will be posting again ---or I won't.

That's it for today.


Bob and Molly said...

Hi JJ....We ALWAYS enjoy your blog, and you are very gifted with your prose!!
We'll await another installment!
Hugs to you!
Molly & Bob

Sandra said...

But Jenny, I enjoy your blogs so much! You've got to keep going. You have a great writing style!

Jim and Dee said...

I sure understand where you're coming from. Once a month would be fine. When you're on the road would be fine. We love hearing from you, but the choice is yours. I've thought the same thing many times. You're whole life is about to change with retirement. What about waiting till AFTER you get back from the TN trip.

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem...although I do have a "practice" blog that I update everyso often with pictures etc and our 19 yr old set up a myspace page for us that I update every blue moon. Anna

Steve & Maria Borba said...

Jenny, keep up the blogging, I enjoy your comments.


Debbie and Rod said...

Well, I for one LOVE reading your blog. Even when you think there's not a lot to say you still have an interesting way to say it. It's YOUR blog and you can say what you want or NOT say anything until you want to. You don't have to write to please other people.


Lee Ann said...

Jenny, I hope you continue to post! I find your descriptions of so many things so amusing (a good amusing) and enjoy hearing about your grandchildren & your life. And your trips to 'anywhere' are always fun & informative. I am always disappointed when I open your blog & there is 'nothing new'. So, if you are asking for opinions, I just gave you mine! Please keep blogging.
Love, Lee Ann (and Larry 2nds that!)

Leno said...

C'mon Jenny, you know better. You are the one that talked me into blogging!! I love reading yours and miss them when you don't write.
Please keep up with it... Please..

Anonymous said...


Don't you dare stop blogging young lady! :) I'll be honest with you, even thought you aren't full timing, etc., your blog is one I truly enjoy reading. Your blog always make me think. And remember. And dream. You have a way with words JJ. Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...


As one who appreciates your posts, chill. Yes, you need to keep blogging for your (often silent) audience; you need to keep on blogging for you--throw the words and emotions to the wind--you have to do that anyway.
We will wade in when you have touched a vein.

Scott Gad said...


Don't underestimate yourself. You live in one of the most beautiful areas of the country and have published some of the nicest photos I have seen on a blog. There is also something to say about the value of reading about the day-to-day grind, even if it is only to remind us of how lucky those of us who are finally able to full-time are!


P.S. Bonnie says Hi.

Ellie and Jim said...

Well, I never saw in the rule book where you have to be an RVer or even have an RV to blog.

I love the way you write, the stories you tell remind me of my own family. Another thing, you don't have to be a fancy writer to keep my interest.

I don't care if you post pictures, they're nice but not a requirement.

I would miss your blogs if you stopped. There also is not a requirement that you have to write every day, so write when you want to, but please don't stop!


Mark and Dortha said...

Jenny, no way should you stop blogging. We love hearing from you. And, just think before long you will have something to talk about besides work!


Joe and Sherri said...

Heck no you keep on writing!! You think I have an interesting travel life from home to work to Wills Point back to home to work etc!!! Hey girl you get out of the FUNK!! You post so I know what you are doing all the time every minute!! If I wasn't interested I wouldn't being typing this comment...Now get to work

Joe and Sherri