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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Well, at 1:30 pm today I hung it up.......done.......kaput.......fini ......and all those words that mean the end!!...the last full day in the full time working world....

I am so excited to be among all those baby boomers that are retiring. I could have waited until I was of legal age (more than 24) but when I did the math it would take me sixteen years to make up the difference in the paychecks. Who knows where I would be at that age.

I am in good health (so far as I know) and I would rather work when I want and travel when I want and not be tied to that alarm clock every day. The difference in the money is not as important to me as the sanity.

Tomorrow I will fly to Tennessee to visit with my family and attend my 45th class reunion (okay - I know I graduated before I was born). The reunion is sure to be a lot of fun. I have not seen some of these people since we graduated and that was a day or two ago. After that I will return to Spokane.

I am definitely looking forward to pursuing new interests and having fun seven days a week instead of two. Maybe I will even get the chance to blog every day.


After thirty years the day of decision has come
It is time to consider quitting and reducing stress
You fear you will be bored and have the doldrums
Time to slow the rapid pace and go out for recess.

It’s a good idea to take time for some relaxation
Working overtime results in multi-digit taxation
Take a boat and paddle to a quiet fishing spot
Retirement is your reward for that stomach knot

Lift the years of pleasing the boss and immobility
Place them on the table next to responsibility
Let someone else be at the controls; take a cruise
It’s time to put away those heavy work shoes

With all that rest and relaxation in a few years I will probably look just like this but there's one thing I will be sure to say...... It's quite a life!!!!

That's it for today!! And tomorrow will be the first of many wonderful days!!!


Sassy said...

Welcome to the family of retired, stressless, fun loving,late sleeping, do what we want, when we want people! PARTY ON!!!!

Sandra said...

Happy Retirement Jenny! Hope you have a great trip home!

Leno said...

Jenny, congrats... I know you will treasure your free time. So nice to know you don't have to live by the alarm clock.
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.... and fill that bathtub!!!

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Congrats, Jenny.
It finally got here.
Happy Trails, Penny

Jim and Dee said...

Have a great wonderful life without the time clock. It's great finding your own hours, not what your boss wants you to have.

Paula and Tom said...

Congrats Jenny And ENJOY! ENJ0Y!

Scott Gad said...


Congratulation on leaving the working class and joining us in the leisure class. I particularly agree with what you said... "I would rather work when I want and travel when I want and not be tied to that alarm clock every day. The difference in the money is not as important to me as the sanity".


Gordon & Juanita said...


You're terribly young to be retiring, but so were we! :-)

Enjoy your rebirth and the next stage of life.

Gordon and Juanita

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jenny! :)

Fire up the Eleventy Foot, I see a road trip in your future! Have fun at the reunion.


Joe and Sherri said...

Hey girl!!!! You did it and we will too real soon. Let us know what your plans are so we can keep up with you. I know you will be posting from now Better!!
Can't wait for March!!!!

Joe and Sherri

FD5 said...

Congratulations Jenny, 24 and retired, look forward to seeing you down the road someday, I can't wait til next year when I take the big R step.

Stay Safe
John and Bridget

Bob and Molly said...

Big congrats to you JJ!!! Enjoy every moment of every day, as I know you will!!
Have a great trip and then "get on the road"!
Molly & Bob