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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Reflections of Mother's Day

Well, it was just a Monday not much going on. Work and Home that's about it.

I didn't mention too much about Mother's Day. It was a busy day with the Grandkids and their mother visiting and of course the usual presents, breakfast etc. It was also a time for making special memories and reflecting on past Mother's days and things that gives you that special feeling.

I remember once when my kids were little my daughters went shopping for Mother's Day. They were always allowed to pick out their own presents. On their return they went straight to their bedroom to wrap their beloved treasures, the best gifts they could find for their mother. Their father was just chuckling. It seems my younger daughter, Tawnee had picked me out a present that was spectacular. He couldn't wait to tell me about it and I couldn't wait to open it.

It was the cutest thing you ever saw. It was a ceramic piece with a grandmother on the top and the words "Chopper Hopper" on the front. You lifted the lid and it was a place to keep your false teeth at night. When her dad asked her what she thought I might do with it, she replied, "She might want to keep flour or sugar in it". To a four year old, that was a great gift and to a mother it was a very special gift. For years it sat in the window sill and held a lot of things but never false teeth. Now it holds only memories.

This year my grandhcildren gave me a very special card which reads,

You're a Blessing

When special people
Touch our lives
Then suddenly we see
How beautiful and wonderful
Our world can really be.
They bless us
With their love and joy
Through everything they give--
When special people touch our lives
They teach us how to live.

Mothers in my life that have touched me would be my own mother, Ola Holloway, Irene Johnson, Bonnie Swift, Bette Snyder, Sissie Stout, Sue Roberts, Thelma Wylie,Emogene Swift, Dodie McNeel, Alice Swift, Mary Swift, Neita Jamison, Jean Humphrey and my sister, June Thomas. These are but a few mothers that have taught me how to live.

And, in the words of my Father, "That's It for Today".

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story Jenny. Keep up the great blog's