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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Corky and George

Well, once again I've done it. Almost missed someone's birthday. On a road trip to Coeur d'Alene today I discovered my friend Corky was having a birthday. I also learned she shares her birthday with George Strait. Now that's a guy I wouldn't mind sharing my birthday with!!

Corky Here's wishing you a great birthday !! And may you have many many more. Picture to follow!!

Another candle in your cake?
Well, that's no cause to pout,
Be glad that you have strength enough
To blow the darn thing out.

That's it for today!

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RVing Basket Lady and Her Pals said...

Jenny, my email is donna162 at centurytel dot net. Linda emailed and said Michelle was OK with us staying together and that all I needed to do was pay you for half. Let me know if I should mail it to you or wait and how much it is. I have already paid $100 to Linda for the seminar and meals part of the rally. Again, thanks so much for letting me share and please let me pick you up!!! Donna