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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday, A squirrel, A sack and A Name

Well Tuesday was a repeat of Monday . Home-----Work----Home. Weather has been beautiful, nice and warm and I do believe we are finished with that dreadful white stuff.

Not much going on ...been on the diet for two days now----all I have lost is two days. I decided I would walk the parking lot on my breaks and lunches. Did 3 laps at lunch and 5 in the afternoon.

Today I was really getting into it. I figured out if I ate my lunch while I walked I could do more laps. Now I don't know what the people at work thought when they saw an old lady in the parking lot walking back and forth eating a sack of vegetables nor did I care. The thing that matters is I am getting some exercise and eating a little healthier. That's gotta count for something.

I had quite a few comments on my milking blog the other day so I thought today I would share another story.

Grandma was a Midwife

I Grew up in the state of Tennessee, the county of Johnson, the city of Mountain City, and the hamlets of Dewey and Doe Valley. We lived way out in the country about five miles from town...

My story begins when I was born on a place called Shupetown Road. My paternal grandmother was a midwife. She was also a medicine woman and used a lot of herbs and old wives tales for practicing her doctoing. She was born and raised in a place called Old Butler which is under Watauga Lake today. In her midwifery duties she delivered or helped to deliver lots of babies including four of my siblings.

On the morning I was born my father had gotten up early, grabbed his gun and a flour sack to bag his catch and set off to go squirrel hunting in the woods back of our place. He had been able to bag a squirrel and he carried it home in that sack. When he came through the door, his mother rushed up to him and said, "Roy, you just had a brand new baby girl, what are you going to call her? He looked at the sack with the squirrel and looked at me and said, "Virginia Rose". That's the story of how I got my name from a sack of flour.

And in the words of my Father, :That's it for Today, Virginia Rose".


Joe and Sherri said...

Well hello there Virginia Rose. That is a pretty name... Someday I will tell you how I came up with the name of Speedhitch.


Joe and Sherri said...

Hey Joe and I love your journal especially about your past. Keep the stories coming


Sandra said...

It's still a beautiful name even if it did come from a sack of flour!