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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No Corn Flakes!

Well, the weather is the same doesn’t seem to be warming up much and we haven’t seen the sun for days -- I know spring will be here sometime.

I spent most of my day in a “genealogy” mood… I love doing family history and have been working at it for years. It has only been lately that I started documenting my stories. I was talking to my sister June about some stories. She was telling me a story about my grandfather which was cute so I thought you might enjoy it too.

We spent a lot of time at our grandparents when we were growing up. She and another one of my sisters had gone to spend the night with our cousins who also lived there.

We were never allowed to have any food after we ate supper but my cousins and my sisters decided they wanted some dry cornflakes to eat. They snuck into the kitchen and got a bowl of dry corn flakes. Two of them went into the house to open the back door to the bedroom so they could sneak in their “goodies” . Two of them went out the kitchen door around to the bedroom to deliver the bowl.

Well, it so happened just as they rounded the corner of the house there stood a man in the yard. They had no idea who he was other than he was really tall and he stepped back over the fence and took off down the road from where he came. It startled the two with the cornflakes and they turned to run, It had been raining and there was a drainage ditch and both of them fell down. There went their corn flakes!!

They tried to slip into the house unnoticed to change their clothes but were caught by my Grandpa.

“Where have you young’uns been and how did you get your clothes wet and muddy?”, he asked.

“Well”, says my sister “we had to go to the outhouse and we fell down on the path”.

“What in the devil did you take that bowl to the toilet for?”

When they couldn’t come up with an explanation ---off came his belt --- and you can guess what happened next. The two in the bedroom got off scot free and nobody got any corn flakes.

That’s it for today!

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