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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Trippin' In The Out House

Well, I decided it was time to take the Out House out for a little "spin". It was getting a little boring camping in the yard. First stop was to go to Les Schwab to have the air bags checked.
The mechanic there checked them and made sure they had the right amount of air. Aftr that the destination was Coeur d'Alene Casino.

The trip was great and the Out House did just fine. I can hardly wait to take a big road trip in it. I couldn't figure the gas mileage exactly but it seemed to be around 8 miles to the gallon. Not bad for two lane curvy roads with a lot of stop and go.

OOps, forgot to take pics in the afternoon. Having too much fun I guess. This was early morning. There were tons of RVs of every shape color and description. In fact there were so many I could not get them all in one picture. By the way, do you see how tall my pj's make me look early in the morning.

Here is another row of them.
This Allegro caught my eye. Allegroshave been on my mind a lot lately. Wonder why?

This was an Allegro Bus with four slides. I took a picture from the back and as I walked around front to get one of the front. All of a sudden the awning starts moving. Someone inside was putting out the awning. No wonder they had those cones set up.....

Here's the awning.
Even the Harley's got free overnight parking.
And the Out House looked pretty good too!!
Here is the small, medium (OH) and large. Fits right in -- don'tcha think.

I love to see the American flag flying. Nice garden at the casino entrance.
Coeur d'Alene Casino Worley, ID.
Deb, This sign is for you!!!! Welcome to Washington!! There was no place to stop here either.

A couple scenery pictures.

28 blocks from home----A successful first trip and many more to come!!

"That's it For Today".


Sandra said...

Glad you got the Out House out of the yard and on the road! Looking forward to more of your travels.

Jim and Dee said...

Yahoo, Congratulations! Looks like you're on the way to getting further away from the back yard. I'm sooooo jealous!

Lee Ann said...

Hey Jenny! What a neat 'Out House!' We are so happy for you. Loved your post, thanks so much for the memories of our first meeting with you. What a wonderful tour guide you were that day, you made our trip to Idaho so memorable & fun! We wish you so much fun on your future travels in your new home-on-wheels. Please travel safe & hope we see you on down the road soon!

Love you, Lee Ann & Larry

Joe and Sherri said...

A little further each time and before long you will be on the long haul! Great...good to see you venturing out. Did you go gambling? Did you win any money?

Joe and Sherri

Bob and Molly said...

Hey JJ..hope you've had a wonderful trip, can't wait to hear more about it!

dreamjosie said...

Hi Jenny,

Congrats on the trip. Hope you are ambling further down the road soon.