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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kids Night Out

Well, the kids were excited about spending the night at Grandma's Place Campground nestled between the two big pine trees in the back yard. Their accomodations were the Eleventy Foot RV.

Right away Lauralei claimed the closet as her bedroom.
While Kimberlei decided the couch looked comfy.
Grandma made sure there was plenty of "Beer in the Bathtub" Root Beer of course.

Kimberlei had her turn in the driver's seat.

While Lauralei pretended to be Grandma driving down the road.

They were both fascinated with the OOGA OOGA horns as well as the CB Radio (forgot to get picture of CB radio)
Dinner was catered by Grandma's Pizzeria Catering Service. Cooked by Grandma herself and delivered right to the door of your RV. The pizzas were delicious - nothing to take a picture of - only crumbs were left. A little ice cream for dessert and some fun in the chat room and we were ready for popcorn.

This is Grandma's stove. It has cooked lots of breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Very easy to use and it folds up into its on carrying case.

It makes great popcorn.

You get silly when you eat Grandma's popcorn.
Never try catching popcorn in your mouth with Grandma she always misses and look what a mess she makes.

Guess who had to pick up all the popcorn on the ground? It wasn't Grandma!!!!!
And in the words of Roy Holloway, "That's it For Today".


Joe and Sherri said...

Did not understand the front porch and how to see the pictures. You will have to guide me through that.


Joe and Sherri said...

Well I had to wait for the pictures but they came out great. I know the girls are having as much fun as you with the new home on wheels.

Joe and Sherri