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Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Gone

Well, it was on Friday I was looking forward to two days off - now all of a sudden it is Monday morning - where did the time go? It seems the work week drags by so slow amd the weekends go by so fast.

On Saturday I was trying to rest up a bit from the busy week I had. I finally got all my suitcases unpacked (from the rally and Tennessee). I wish I could repack them and go somewhere else. But right now I don't see that happening. Also went shopping on Saturday came home- grilled some great steaks with baked potato and grilled was yummy!!

Sunday consisted of doing laundry, shopping at Walmart, going for a drive to Idaho, stopped to look at a couple RVs and also took some time to visit the "grand girls". They were leaving for Church Camp today for a week so I wanted to send them off with a new T Shirt and a bag full of snacks. I remember going to Church Camp and it seemed we never had enough snacks - so I wanted to make sure they did.

Photos today are the grandgirls with their new shirts. - Well I give up - can't get them uploaded tonight - no idea why!!!!!

Have a great time at camp girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and here is a picture of their Grandfather Dick. Dick celebrated his 62nd birthday last month. I wished him Happy Birthday but didn't get his picture on here. So Happy Birthday Dick - again.
I guess when you get to be as old as you are you can celebrate every day.

Roy says, "That's it for Today".


Joe and Sherri said...

Jenny you are just having all kinds of problems! I know what you mean about the work day dragging on mine do as well. Hang in there and we will all be on the road soon enough.

Joe and Sherri

Anonymous said...

Naps are awesome, except you'll miss something if you nap. Even as a kid I couldn't nap, takes up too much time. See ya in chat, if you're not napping.