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Friday, January 8, 2010


Well, it is another cold, snowy day in extreme Northeast Tennessee. All this snow reminds me of winters past when life was a lot simpler.

One of my favorite memories was the first snowfall. Back in those days when we didn't have television or even a radio to broadcast the weather we depended on the signs. If it looked like snow - it was probably going to snow. Sometimes a lot and sometimes a little.

At the first sign of snow my grandmother would dig out a big ol' kettle and fill it full of water. When the water was heated to a rolling boil she would stir in some salt and cornmeal and let it cook. We would have the biggest pot of mush you had ever seen. We would ladle up a bowl full of that mush, add some butter, sometimes some milk and have the most delicious dinner. It was simple but good.

Another memory was buckwheat pancakes. We grew our own buckwheat and had it ground at the mill. On a cold snowy evening, she would take the griddles from the wall and we knew we were in for a treat...buckwheat pancakes and homemade syrup and butter.
Yum! My mouth waters just thinking about them.

On another note, I recieved a note from Clyde, one of my faithful readers. He commented on my Carter Issacs stories and the fact that he had played basketball with Carter in grade school...Funny you should mention that Clyde, because Carter and I were talking about the same thing that very morning. He told me what a good ball player you were. I think there is enough material there for another story.

Until then, That's it for today!!

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KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Oh gee... corn meal mush! I LOVED IT!!!! When my folks would make polenta (Italian corn meal firmed up) I would beg for a scoop while it was still soft. Plop in a bowl with a gob of butter and salt. No wonder us Italians are fat! LOL