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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Welcome New Readers

Well, I promised that I would post some more photos of my trip to Mountain City. I had such a great time and I took lots of photos. Some of my Canadian readers have trouble with the music on the web page and also when there are lot of photos posted. It does something to their bandwidth. I try not to use music (except on special occasions) or too many photos in order to make sure they can keep up with my blog.

Speaking of readers I found I have some new readers. That's great I love to hear from you!! A special "hello" to you and Welcome to Elevenfootrv. Since I have been writing for a couple years now the new readers may not know you can go back and read all the archives. Also if you like the photos and want to see them in a bigger dimension if you click on them the size will increase.

Also there are comments at the bottom where you can leave a comment...or read the ones that are there -- sometmes I get comments and sometimes I dont. You can always leave your comment under anonymous but if you think I should know who its from please leave your name.

Here's a few more pics from in and around Mountain City.

My brother Doran taking me for a tractor ride.

Jean Sue and I at Port Christopher's in Boone

A couple of my favorite ladies, Sydney and Samantha at the Quilt Show in Shady Valley
Smoke on the mountain and a beautiful church in Crandull TN

Beautiful fall trees in Crandull

Another Crandull scene

Backbone Rock in Johnson County. It's an awesome place.

That's it for today.

1 comment:

Rick and Paulette said...

Hey Jenny, thanks for the post, good job. You mentioned "some of your Canadian readers" - I don't have any problems at all with your pictures - keep 'em coming, no problems at all from this Canuck! As for music? I don't care for it on websites, but it has nothing to do with bandwidth for me!