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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Friends Visit

Well, a lot of things hapeening here. One of the best was a visit from my RV friends Deb and Rod. They used to live in Florida although he was from Port Angeles WA and she is from California. A couple of years ago they retired, sold their house in Florida and went on the road full time. I met her in the RV Dreams chatroom when they had their house on the market and have followed them since they started their full time journey. It has been a great trip.

Last year when they were on their way to a workcamping gig in Washington they stopped by to see me...and this time too!! I was really excited to see them again and we had a great meal at a Mexican restaurant here in Spokane Valley. Here are the photos of our visit.

This photo says it all!!

Rod studies the menu

Deb say Hey Everybody!!

What'cha doing there Deb? Looking for something "red"?

Rod loved his dessert

RIGHT down to the very last spoonful -- and he didn't even share!!

Tummy Full -- he is a Happy Kamper

Aren't They Sweet!!

This year's Photo

A Great Time was had by All!!

And that's it for today!!

1 comment:

Debbie and Rod said...

Thank you SO much Jenny for taking the time to visit. We had a wonderful time and are looking forward to seeing you again next time!! GREAT pics!!

Debbie & Rod