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Friday, October 3, 2008

Johnson County, Where???????

Well, Yesterday was a great day!! It was a kick back kinda day until June got off work.
After breakfast (yes, eating out again) I decided it would be a great library day. Thinking they might have wireless internet there I googled Johnson County Library...and there was live chat. I chatted with the person and asked if they had wireless. She assured me they did. So I packed up my computer and off to the library I went. Only to find when I spoke with the librarian there was no wireless internet and it wasn't her I was speaking with.
She said, "You must have been talking to some one in Johnson County Kansas or Johnson County Texas, we don't have wifi here".
"Oh well, I am here for the day---how about doing some research in your genealogy room?"

Now, that we can do - I will have to unlock it for you and there are no bags allowed in there.

"What about my purse?", I asked.

You can leave it in the office under my desk with your bag. If you need a piece of paper or pencil I can provide you with that.
She led me to an enclosed room in the middle of the building, unlocked the door, turned on the lights and showed me how to work the microfilm machine, if I needed anything more just let her know. With that she locked me in and went back to her desk.

Now, you are probably wondering what I am thinking----my thoughts where if this is heaven this is where I want to be....surrounded by all these history books.

There were books on our county when it was founded, personal family histories and genealogy books. There were census books from 1880 up through 1930 and death abstracts, cemetery records, and anything you could imagine to do with history and genealogy. Not only that, but there were newspapers from the late 1880s through to present day. I was not going to be bored.

Here is a true story I found in one of the books.

There used to be what was called the Pea Vine Railroad which ran from Mountain City to Elizabethton, hauling passengers and supplies between the towns. A couple of old boys from Mountain City decided they would have a ride on the train. They got their tickets, got on the train and set off for the big city. A man came through the rail car selling peanuts, candy and fruit. Since neither had ever seen a banana before they thought they ought to try one so they bought a couple. They watched how the other people peeled them to eat and they did the same. About that time the train went through a tunnel. One boy said to the other, "Have you taken a bite off your banana yet?" "No" says the second boy. "Well, don't," said the first boy, "I just took a bite off mine and went blind as a bat!"

When my sister came to find me about 4 hours later I was still knee deep in the history books.

I turned off the machine turned out the light - locked the door and yesterday is history.

As my father always said "That's it for Today".


Paula and Tom said...

Geez JJ I guess we've been kinda neighbors for the last few days. We're in Bluff City but moving over to Crossville today. Tom

Joe and Sherri said...

JJ that is so cool...I would love to do that and find out what happened in my old home town. I guess you just go from year to year??? Are you having fun???

Joe and Sherri

Gypsy said...

Jenny, I can relate to being related to people several different ways, and I envy you being locked up in your own private genealogy library. Have a wonderful time!

Bob and Molly said...

Hi JJ, glad you made it to TN OK (the Greyhound Hotel aside!) and sure hope you enjoy your time there!

Leno said...

So glad you are enjoying yourself. Isnt retirement great!

Mark and Dortha said...

Sounds like you are having a great time.